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Sub-Metering: Building Benchmarking

Building Benchmarking is the process of comparing a building's resource utilization vs. similar buildings by type and region or comparing the building to itself by benchmarking performance and tracking improvement over time. Comparing buildings of similar types and factoring square footage, some general indicators of building performance can be ascertained. This is a good first step, in understanding building performance.

Energy Cloud's approach to building benchmarking is to move beyond generalities by taking direct measurements of the internal energy, water and other utilized resources, measure all of the systems, ideally a month or more, keep sustained measurement of the building while retrofitting with energy efficiency measures, and measuring those improvements against the benchmarks. Only through direct system level and breaker level measurement can true performance improvements or declines be understood. gMeter energy management logo

Energy Cloud's gMeter® energy management platform can measure and benchmark all utility resource types. Please call us for more information regarding sub-metering, so we can help you with your benchmarking needs and answer any other questions.