water meters

Water Meters

gMeter® has a multi-tude of different water meters to meet any different pipe size or need.

gMeter U. Series 2inch water meters
Ultra-Sonic U. Series

The U-Series Ultrasonic gMeter® uses solid-state technology in a compact, totally encapsulated, weatherproof, and UV-resistant housing, suitable for commercial and residential applications. Electronic metering provides informationsuch as rate of flow and reverse flow indicationand data not typically available through traditional, mechanical meters and registers. Electronic metering eliminates measurement errors due to sand, suspended particles and pressure fluctuations. The U-Series come in 5/8" - 2" pipe size models.

In-line Magnetic Large Meters

gMeter® in-line Large Magnetic meters are excellent meters for speed and accuracy. The AC powered models are suitable for pipe sizes from 1/4" to 54" and have an accuracy of ±0.25%. The battery powered models come with a 10 year battery, are suitable for 1/2"-24" pipe sizes and have an accuracy of ±0.50%

energy efficiency
Ultra Sonic Strap On Meters

The Ultra sonic strap-on compatible meters are an accurate and convenient way to measure flow without having to cut into pipes. This alone can save significant amounts of money from reduced plumbing bills and eliminates any down-time. These meters can measure pipe sizes from 1/2" to 120" up to 350°ree;F with an accuracy of ±1.0%.

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