Education & Schools

Schools have their own unique building profile that is very different than other buildings. Education and school buildings also have different regulations that govern their construction and maintenance depending on state / province or school jurisdiction. One example, in California, is requiring fans to be run continuously throughout the day while classes are in session. While each region might have their own nuances, building and maintaining high performance schools requires measurement and continuous measurement such as gMeter® provides.

1High performance schools are energy and resource efficient. Creating them is not difficult, but it requires an integrated, "whole building" approach from the beginning of the design process. Even a modest investment in school building performance can yield significant benefits and cost savings, such as:

  • Improving health and comfort to enhance student learning
  • Increasing average daily attendance
  • Reducing utility bills
  • Taking advantage of incentive programs

With respect to 'taking advantage of incentive' programs, there are opportunities with a 1 Year ROI!

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